The best way to learn more about my work is to visit my LinkedIn page, which holds a virtual version of my resume. For now, here are the highlights of some experiences that have molded me into the woman I am today:

Legal Scholarship Editor of the New York Law School Law Review

If anyone asked me about my work with Law Review, I would always say, “I have the best job.” As an LSE, I taught a weekly course to second-year students to support them through their Case Comment writing process. Legal Scholarship is a mandatory course that teaches new members about the editing cycle, writing effective arguments, and values in professionalism that will serve them well at school and in their future work. I adore mentoring students and love serving as a role model to those who need it. I was also very fortunate to have been selected for publication – Believe it or not, I wrote about the legal status of hot air balloons. Check it out here.

Legal Extern at Louis Vuitton

I have always wanted to work at Louis Vuitton – And when I mean “always,” I mean that I told other kids at my middle school that when I grew up, I was going to be a “Louis Vuitton attorney.” Needless to say, the time that I spent there was incredibly inspiring. Not only was I working with one of the most historic companies in the world, I externed there during Spring 2020 and at the peak of COVID-19 in New York City. Being involved in the fashion industry during such a pivotal time will have an ever-lasting impact on my career.

Rights & Clearances Intern at ABC News

I knew that my future career had kicked off when I received a phone call from the Disney Professional Internships recruiter in New York, telling me that I had been invited to intern with the program and at ABC News that summer. Growing up in Orange County, California means that Disneyland and the Walt Disney Company are a huge part of your life. Walt Disney and the spirit of the Company is a big piece of why I studied Communications at Boston University and why I am still dedicated to working with creatives in the future. This was an unforgettable internship, and I am so grateful for the continuous support I have received from the team throughout my legal education.

Barista/Cashier at A Market

A Market is a neighborhood café in my California hometown. The only thing you must know is that I love coffee, I love making coffee, and I love making people happy with coffee. 

Marketing Intern/Development Intern/House Manager at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre

My first college internship was at BPT, and I am very lucky to have worked there throughout my entire BU education. My supervisors supported me every step of the way and taught me so much about professionalism and leadership. They gave me a tremendous amount of responsibility and allowed me to flourish under their wings in so many ways. By overseeing subscriber ticket sales, organizing the annual donor party, helping with public relations, and doing any other task that needed help, I quickly became a one-woman show. My experiences with this community changed my life, and I will be forever committed its growth and success.