Recent Work

Throughout my academic career, I have always loved to write. My passion for blogging has since turned into academic work, research, and writing about the law. While I still hope to share pieces written “just for fun,” I am excited to publish recent scholarship on my website.

  • Tiffany (NJ) Inc v. eBay, Inc. is a case comment that was written for Professor Joseph Forgione’s Fashion Law Practicum at New York Law School. This is a commentary on one of the most important fashion law cases of all time, covering topics such as anti-counterfeiting, technology, and digital advertising. It is one of my proudest pieces and concerns a subject that never ceases to push my opinions as both a law student and consumer. Finally, a word to my legal scholars: Please note that this comment was written for purely academic, “final paper” purposes; Because it was not written specifically for publication, issues such as preemption were not a concern. Read the case comment here.