Fun Fact: I help out with an undergraduate communications writing class as sort of a student mentor/informal TA. It’s always fun and rewarding to help out the youngsters, as other upperclassmen did for me in my early years at BU. This semester I was a little surprised when a student asked if I would be the subject for her profile assignment. I wasn’t quite sure why I was the subject or how I was considered “interesting” enough to be the center of the piece, but of course I let her run with it. And now I kind of want to frame it. Many thanks and sincere gratitude to the people who spoke about me so lovingly. Thank you for letting me share this, Sam! 

Paisley Piasecki: Go-Getting Entrepreneur Heads to Law school and Bookshelves in 2017

When she was [three] years old, up and coming entrepreneur, Paisley Piasecki, now 21, used to don an apron and perform pretty terrible renditions of “A Hard Knock Life” from Annie for her parents. Cassie Piasecki, 48, said that she was “always realistic” with her only daughter; she did not want “Paisley growing up thinking she was a good singer because she’s not.” However she thought her daughter had a place in the entertainment industry- just behind the scenes. Nearly [two decades later], Piasecki has plans to head off to law school in order to do just that, and to write and publish a book in the next six months.

Piasecki, an advertising major at Boston University, is the founder of, a site Piasecki created to help collegiate females connect to the resources they need in order to be successful. Along with starting her own business in 2015, Paisley has also interned at several renowned theatre companies both in Boston and New York.

Piasecki’s long time mentor and colleague in the theatre industry, Shannon Gaughf, 26, said, “there is something different and special about her. She is more driven than most people I know, especially at her age because I think what’s she doing right now is pretty incredible for someone who is 21. I think it’s pretty incredible to be building a business at the age that she is and just pursuing so much.”

Piasecki met Gaughf because they attended the same summer camp at their high school. Piasecki left home in Orange County at the tender age of 14, to go to Santa Catalina, an all girls boarding school in Monterey, California. Piasecki claims that her decision to attend boarding school was the most life altering choice she’s ever made, second only to her choice to enroll at Boston University.

She started at BU as an international relations major, but quickly realized she’d much rather be studying communications. After accidentally joining the advertising program, Piasecki went all in and joined AdLab, the largest student run ad agency in the country, because “all the cool kids were doing it.” A grad student and a higher up in AdLab, Shruti Rumy Bhiwandiwala, 24, describes Piasecki as “very goal oriented…with a take charge personality, but [as as someone who] knows when to step back and delegate.”

Edward Boches, a professor at BU, who taught Piasecki in an introductory advertising class in the spring of 2016 stated that he was “always impressed” when it came to Piasecki. “I’m an advocate of women being tough, strong and going for what they want to go for and I think Paisley is like that.” On, Boches claimed it was incredibly wonderful and unique to see a student so readily apply their education so soon in the game.

Piasecki started because “there was not an outlet to teach girls how to kick ass.” Fiona Whittington, 18, a friend and colleague of Piasecki’s from “Girls Who Code,” said that Piasecki “is defin[ing] femininity in a way that it incorporates strength in a way that has never been done before.” Piasecki’s upcoming book will be promoting, although it won’t necessarily be branded by the site. She plans on writing about her own personal experience that will work in tandem with, and hopefully create buzz for the website itself. Piasecki plans to move quickly with her book, saying she is going to “write this shit out, edit it, and get it published by the time I’m 22.”

Because of this intense entrepreneurial passion, Piasecki claimed that many found her decision to apply for law school surprising. However, Piasecki doesn’t plan on pursuing a career in criminal law, she explained her “reason for going to law school is simply to keep doors open” when she joins the entertainment law industry. This career path is heavily inspired by her innate love of the performing arts, which she exercised throughout her time at BU through her involvement in various theatre clubs and an internship at Boston Playwrights’ Theatre.

Anna Oehlberg, 20, her co-worker at the Playwrights’ Theatre, said that Paisley’s dual plan for literary publication and law school is “so classic Paisley.” Oehlberg confirmed Piasecki’s engaged and ambitious attitude describing her as “a girl boss- she knows what she wants and how to get it, and I think … she’s gonna run the entertainment law scene and … be like an icon in [that] world. Because she can do it.”

Piasecki hopes to always remain involved with female empowerment, regardless of the career she ends up with in the long run, whether it is with, or something else. Piasecki dreams of expanding her website so that it “has a chapter for every major city in America…because that’s where the opportunities lie for internships etc.” Although Piasecki said that that expansion is not a financial possibility right now and is going to really focus her time on her admission to law school and her book, putting on the backburner.

Piasecki certainly has her hands full between her academic and professional life, although Oehlberg claims that she still finds time to have fun. Piasecki has found time to keep up with her numerous connections all over the world, lay down the law as an RA on campus this year, update not only, but her own personal blog, and read the occasional Nicholas Sparks book.

When asked if she would be able to manage everything going on in her life plus law school, plus writing a book, Piasecki just shrugged and laughed.  Whittington said “She’s incredibly focused and ambitious and driven and she doesn’t let anything get in her way.” Oehlberg confirmed this statement “she’ll be able to manage it. 10/10.” So keep an eye out for Piasecki’s new book and presence in law school in the upcoming year.