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Get Schooled

My friends are going to hate me for this one. But really, I want to have a talk about something that we Americans tend to take for granted, and something that really makes me fiery right down to the core. At the end of the […]


A few weeks ago I decided that I needed a quick getaway. I knew I needed this for a couple of reasons, like a brief vacation, a new state to visit, lobstah, and most importantly, I needed an hour by myself to absorb the last […]


(Americans, use Google Translate. Fellow French friends, please excuse my poor grammar – it’s been a while). Il y a un an, j’avais assis à une petite table près d’une fenêtre qui m’est montrée une vue de Notre Dame. J’avais fini mon travail au théâtre […]

Things I’m Lovin’ – Fall 2016

Going to school in Boston has been one of the greatest gifts because I get to experience fall in New England. This California girl was converted into an East Coast native the first time she saw a leaf turn red and has since vowed to […]

Notes on the Election – Prayer and Peace

I think my motivation for this piece is to be able to document how I am feeling just a week out from what may be the most important presidential election of my lifetime. When I’m eighty years old, I hope to be able to read […]

What’s Next

If you know me and my writing styles, you’ll know that I have managed about twenty different blogs at once. My web design journey began as a Disneyland blogger, morphed into a third-person narrative educational piece, and now I’m wondering why I keep blogging if […]