What If

Today I’m celebrating one week of living in New York. I am currently sitting in my apartment, sipping tea in bed and enjoying a much needed, relaxing Sunday afternoon. I have a huge window with the view of skyscrapers as my backyard, and my room […]


When I first began my journey into becoming a “creative” and “side hustler,” I looked to women and influencers for inspiration, support, and leadership. These bloggers, authors, mentors, and gurus have helped me through some dark days, long nights, joyous mornings, and times of success. […]

How It Feels

I’ve been home for four days and I think all I’ve heard is “How does it feel to be a graduate?” Rightfully so. I also think I’ve underwhelmed those who have asked this, because it doesn’t feel like much. No existential change or emotions. If anything, […]

What Happens in Maine

I never grew up being a beach lover. I remember loving it when I was a kid –  We used to go almost every weekend during the summers, sitting in almost the same spot each time on 38th street. But something changed when I was […]

The Fine Print

In one of my first blog posts I mentioned that I was going through the law school admissions process this past fall. Good news – I made it to the other side, and I will be attending New York Law School this year!! I’m really […]

But Where Is the Change? – A Response to #WomensDay

This year I felt a really strong connection to the conversations and themes behind the recent International Women’s Day. I was surprised by my own reactions because in some regards, I should’ve felt this way a year ago when I was actively building a college […]

Keeping It Fresh

Now that we’re in March and we may have finally turned the corner from winter, it’s time for some spring cleaning and freshening up. Let’s talk skincare. I have always had decently clear skin. I never really went through a bad acne phase in high […]

I’m Changing

I’ll let you in on a secret: 2016 was the year I decided that my life desperately needed to change. Some might label what I experienced as coming-of-age growing pains, but there were parts of me that I knew were not going to change or […]

An Unpopular Opinion

Many bloggers tend to start writing “reflection” posts at the end of 2016, or write some sort of beginning of the year goal-oriented saga about how they are going to be better people, work out more, eat less, blah blah blah. This year, my version […]

I Was a Project, and the Author Nailed It

Fun Fact: I help out with an undergraduate communications writing class as sort of a student mentor/informal TA. It’s always fun and rewarding to help out the youngsters, as other upperclassmen did for me in my early years at BU. This semester I was a […]