About Paisley

The story begins with a girl who always knew what she wanted to do, but didn’t learn what it meant until she made it to New York.

I was born and raised in Southern California but quickly moved to the East Coast to attend Boston University. During high school, I participated in my school’s theatre program, was a four-year varsity athlete and competitive golfer, and was told to not study Communications or pursue an artistic degree. I look back on those moments and laugh, because I did exactly that and on my own terms.

Even though I was determined to become an international political expert, I soon found myself researching marketing internships and making friends with the theatre kids. I started producing musicals with our theatre troupe and finding my flow through ticket sales and PR campaigns. I quickly began my advertising concentration in BU’s College of Communication and never looked back. Since then, I’ve made it to Broadway, started a few side hustles, found self-love and grace through yoga, and I now live in New York City. I started acting when I was seven years old and I was known by my high school peers as the one who would become the resident attorney and talent agent for the theatre kids. And despite the twists and turns that came along the way, I made it to New York and became determined to keep that dream alive.

I am now a rising second-year student at New York Law School, pursuing a career in entertainment and intellectual property to make artists’ dreams come true. My ultimate goal is to become an all-knowing counselor, advisor and resource to creatives and producers so that I can help them bring their projects to life. I know the industry as both an artsy geek and business brainiac, and I’m here to make my mark. However, none of this would not have happened if I had not chosen to leap into Advertising or convince my parents that I could make it in New York through a Communications degree and a love for the arts. I did it without connections, I embraced my passions, and today I am confident that I am exactly where I am meant to be. When I graduate law school and pass the bar, I hope to work alongside influential powerhouses…and aim to become one of them too.

Outside of school, I design websites and contribute to a wellness blog about all things hippie and fitness in New York City. I’ve done a lot, and I’m not slowing down anytime soon. Interested? Keep exploring and connect with me through my contact page to be in touch.

XO Paisley